The Code Breaker
by Anil Mathur


The Code Breaker cover page

A day before she is about to complete an assignment in India, Sara Hartsfield, an investigative journalist for NCN, is invited by a stranger to witness an extraordinary event, described by him as a history-making event. The event turns out to be the destruction of Babri Masjid, a historic mosque at the core of religious conflict in India. In the midst of extreme violence and exploding bombs, Sara faces death and comes into possession of an ancient document containing a secret code.

Driven by the curiosity of an investigative journalist and acting like a spy, Sara attempts to unearth the secrets hidden in the document. She discovers that there is a connection between the coded message of the document and the genetic code hidden in human DNA. She is convinced that the document contains the key that will enable her to get to the answer that mankind has been seeking for ages. With this conviction, she travels all over the world trying to unearth the code hidden in the document. With each step, she uncovers more but risks her life to a greater extent. With each page, the level of tension increases, making it impossible for readers to put down the book until they learn the secret of the document.

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Publication Date: September 02, 2009
ISBN/EAN13: 1448688450 / 9781448688456
Page Count: 310


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